Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Field Flowers

Hi there!  I'm back....finally!  Hope you've had a good week.  It's been busy here with  friends being hospitalized, visiting friends, preparing for our Card Buffet, and just the day to day stuff. 
So, the above card was sent to a friend having surgery.  It is the same concept as others posted previously here except that it is matted and some bling added (pearls colored with a Black Sharpie) and, of course, different colors. The background color is Pretty in Pink.  The Field Flowers stamp set is a 2-step stamp set.  The flowers were first stamped with Pretty in Pink ink, then Rose Red.  The stems and sentiment are in Black ink.  I'm sure the recipient will appreciate the card because she knows I am thinking of her!

Mary Taylor (my friend/downline) and I held our first Card Buffet this past Saturday.  We had such an overwhelming response that we had two sessions!  We have the BEST customers, who are also our friends!  (You can't help not becoming friends with everyone. That's what I love about being a Demonstrator!)  We have a few adjustments to make to our Card Buffet for next month.  Plus our friend, Marla Schack, (Mary's downline and our newest Pieces of Heart team member! Congratulations again ladies!) will join us - adding even more cards and fun!

And if having a successful Card Buffet wasn't enough, my youngest daughter got engaged Saturday morning at the Mardi Gras celebration (held annually in St Louis), which is where they met!  She was totally surprised.  She called me with the news before our Card Buffet started.  What a way to start the day!  Here's a picture of her ring.  I'm so happy for them - they are a great match!
But wait - there's more!  We had the pleasure of having our granddaughter for an overnight visit Saturday!  We don't have many opportunities of overnight visits since she's in school so we cherish them all.  (Like we didn't before?  lol)   I didn't get home from the Card Buffet until after 9 pm. When I walked in, Miss M was sitting in Grandpa's lap listening to a bedtime story.  After I got her into bed (and asleep) I went to Mr Fiance's house to see THE ring.  You know momma had to see it in person and to celebrate the occasion with them!  A lot of his family members and their friends were already there partying (also a post-Mardi Gras celebration).  I didn't get home until around 2 am!  Guess who woke up bright and early Sunday?  Yep, the granddaughter was wide awake at 7:30!  Grandma was a bit sluggish to say the least.  lol  We played "Spa" with her little makeup kit that she brought.  She gave me a foot massage with the lotion.  Wow, that was awesome!  She's really good! 

What a jam packed weekend of wonderfulness!  It took me a couple of days to recover!  lol

Now I must sign off to take care of some mundane things before our Pieces of Heart team meeting tonight.  More fun!  Thanks for visiting today and hanging in there for this long post!

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  1. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! The lucky guy is getting quite a catch! Amber is a very special young lady.