Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting Down to Business

Hi there and happy Monday!  Wow, what a great turnout for Laurie's Line-Up held Saturday at DeLeo's!  Jayne Singleton coordinates this service project event with Card Care Connection, which is a local non-profit organization.  Their volunteers compose compassionate and motivational messages on the inside of our handmade cards, which are then mailed out to cancer patients.  We made 224 cards!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to assemble cards or donated cards/supplies for this worthwhile cause!

Changing gears now, let me tell you about the business card keeper shown above.  Mary Taylor, my friend and downline, saw mine and asked for the directions so she could make some.  I didn't have any instructions as to how it was made since my business card holder was a gift from Pam D'Urso, my former upline.  Then the idea struck me to make one for Mary and write up some instructions at the same time.  Here's a look at the inside.
For the instructions: 
2-3/4” x 11”
With 11” side against top rail of score board, score at 2-12” and 2-34”; flip to score from other end at 4” and 4-1/4”. 

Inside pocket: 
5-1/2” x 4” – with the 5-1/2” side at top rail of score board, score at 1-1/2” on both sides.
With the 4” side against top rail, score at 1/2”.
Use circle punch to nip out a portion at top of “pocket” for easier access to business cards. 
Fold and crease score lines.
Adhere the overlap in back of pocket.  Secure pocket to inside of base (11” long piece).  Smallest portion of base will be at top.

Decorate with cardstock colors that coordinates with project piece. 
Decorative rectangle flap is 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”.  The flap overhangs the front about 1-1/4”.
Base piece is 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”.
White decorated piece is 2” x 3”

Ok, must get busy cutting paper for our Card Buffet this coming Saturday.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit today!  You're always welcome!

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