Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gone with the Wind.....

St. Louis style.  We made national news because of the tornado (or tornadoes) that swept through the area.  It isn't the best way to make the headlines.  So many lives were dramatically changed in an instant.  We were very lucky, especially considering the amount of destruction that occurred only two blocks from our home!  (Somebody up there was watching over us!)  We lost power Fri night around 8 pm.  It wasn't restored until Mon at 11:15 am.  I was on the porch reading and a couple of neighbors were chatting when the electricity came back on.  We were all doing the happy dance!  Being without power sure was inconvenient, but a small price to pay considering so many families no longer have a home!  It's a miracle that there were no fatalities and only minor injuries!  Another incredible fact is that Lambert Airport, which had extensive damage, was up and running again by Sun.  So many communities and work crews have come together in our time of need.   What a wonderful country we live in!

I mentioned in my last post that I'd show photos of our teams April challenge to alter an empty brad container.  So, here they are.  Everyone did a fantastic job - and each one is different!  We have some very creative team members.  (Plus we have a great time when we get together - and we all enjoy Mexican food and margaritas!)


Mary Ellen's

Jayne's (sneak peek of the new paper)


Don's (Patty's husband)
Isn't this clever how his bunny is supported on the feet - on a "grassy area" with jellybeans?  Too cute!  Don is so supportive of Patty's business.  He even gives us tips!  We kid him all the time that he should sign up as a Demo.  He's so cute.  We started calling him our mascot.  When we had T-shirts made up for the team, Patty had one made for him.  I'm not sure if he knew she was doing that.  The photo below shows him (and us) sporting our awesome new "Pieces of Heart" shirts.

(L-R) Patty, Jayne, Judy, Mary Ellen, Pam (barely!), Kristine, and our Mascot - Don

(L-R) Patty, Jayne, Judy, Mary Ellen, Pam, Kristine, and Don
Our next get together will be at Patty & Don's house to work on our individual swaps for a local Celebrate Summer Demo event we'll be attending on May 14.  Rumor has it that Don will be manning the blender to whip up some of his famous smoothies.  Hmmmm - stay tuned!
Must run... lots to do to get caught up from our power outage and to get ready for a girls weekend.  Thanks for stopping in today.  Please keep the families who were affected by the storm in your prayers!  (We have forecasts of more severe weather this week.)

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  1. so so cute I love everyone of them. I am so happy to hear you are safe from the weather. It has been a crazy spring season for sure. I hope the flooding stays away too!