Monday, April 9, 2012


Hi there!  Hope you enjoyed your Easter.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends - and such an abundance of delicious food!
Life got so crazy last month that I forgot to post a picture of the tulips my oldest daughter sent to me for my birthday.  Love the vibrant colors of tulips - so pretty.  Heck, I just love flowers!

Speaking of the oldest daughter, she was officially hired by Tauck (an elite international tour company) as a seasonal Tour Director.  I am so proud of her for taking that leap of faith and going after her dream job!  She leaves for Cuba on Apr 13 for training.  That sounds pretty exciting in itself!

Well I'll be traveling too, but nothing as exciting as out of the country - just a Girls Getaway retreat about an hour away.  We'll have plenty of fun, though!!!  So, must run to pack.  Have a great week and thanks for coming by today!

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